League of Legends – Champion: Aphelios

Updated: 08.01.2020 00:00, Patch 9.24.2

All skins from Aphelios

Spells by Aphelios

Tips when you play against Aphelios:

  • Each of Aphelios’ weapons have different weaknesses, try to exploit the ones that work best for your champion. Watch out for the purple Gravity gun, it can root you.

Tips when playing Aphelios:

  • Each of Aphelios’ weapons have different strengths, so try to find the right situation for your current weapons.

The story of Aphelios:

Emerging from moonlight’s shadow with weapons drawn, Aphelios kills the enemies of his faith in brooding silence—speaking only through the certainty of his aim, and the firing of each gun. Though fueled by a poison that renders him mute, he is guided by his sister Alune. From her distant temple sanctuary, she pushes an arsenal of moonstone weapons into his hands. For as long as the moon shines overhead, Aphelios will never be alone.