League of Legends – Champion: Kennen

Updated: 18.01.2019 00:00, Patch 9.1.1

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Spells by Kennen

Kennen Top Lane


1. Q
2. W
3. E
4. Q
5. Q
6. R
7. Q
8. W
9. Q
10. W
11. R
12. W
13. W
14. E
15. E
16. R
17. E
18. E


Hextech Protobelt-01Sorcerer's ShoesZhonya's HourglassMorellonomiconRabadon's DeathcapVoid Staff

Start Items

Doran's BladeHealth Potion


SorcerySummon AeryNimbus CloakCelerityScorchInspirationPerfect TimingCosmic InsightMagic ResistanceMagic ResistanceScaling Health

Summoner Spells



  • 51.12%

    Win Rate

  • 1.13%

    Play Rate

  • 0.08%

    Ban Rate


Tips when you play against Kennen:

  • Consider playing a bit more cautiously around Kennen when you have a Mark of the Storm debuff. If he hits you with 3 Marks of the Storm, you will get stunned.
  • Kennen is flimsy by nature – turn and attack him if he gets careless with Lightning Rush.

Tips when playing Kennen:

  • You can stun your opponents by inflicting 3 Marks of the Storm upon them.
  • Lightning Rush can be used to initiate fights with its Energy return component, allowing him to use other abilities afterward.
  • You can land an initial Mark of the Storm debuff on an opponent with Thundering Shuriken, and then add to it with Electrical Surge.

The story of Kennen:

More than just the lightning-quick enforcer of Ionian balance, Kennen is the only yordle member of the Kinkou. Despite his small, furry stature, he is eager to take on any threat with a whirling storm of shuriken and boundless enthusiasm. Alongside his master Shen, Kennen patrols the spirit realm, employing devastating electrical energy to strike down his enemies.