League of Legends – Champion: Sejuani

Updated: 08.01.2020 00:01, Patch 9.24.2

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Spells by Sejuani

Sejuani Jungle


1. E
2. W
3. Q
4. W
5. W
6. R
7. W
8. E
9. W
10. E
11. R
12. E
13. E
14. Q
15. Q
16. R
17. Q
18. Q


Enchantment: CinderhulkNinja TabiWarmog's ArmorGargoyle StoneplateAdaptive HelmRanduin's Omen

Start Items

Hunter's TalismanRefillable Potion


ResolveAftershockFont of LifeBone PlatingOvergrowthPrecisionTriumphLegend: AlacrityAttack SpeedArmorScaling Health

Summoner Spells



  • 49.49%

    Win Rate

  • 4.05%

    Play Rate

  • 0.27%

    Ban Rate


Tips when you play against Sejuani:

  • Dodging Arctic Assault and Glacial Prison can give you a huge advantage.
  • Focus on avoiding the second swing of Winter’s Wrath which carries the brunt of the damage.
  • Melee enemies can also stack Frost for Sejuani, be very careful around them.

Tips when playing Sejuani:

  • Use Arctic Assault to escape bad situations, interupt channeled spells or chase runners.
  • Melee allies can stack Frost for your Permafrost, keep an eye on who they are attacking.
  • Save Glacial Prison for encounters where you have teammates present to take advantage of it.

The story of Sejuani:

Sejuani is the brutal, unforgiving Iceborn warmother of the Winter’s Claw, one of the most feared tribes of the Freljord. Her people’s survival is a constant, desperate battle against the elements, forcing them to raid Noxians, Demacians, and Avarosans alike to survive the harsh winters. Sejuani herself spearheads the most dangerous of these attacks from the saddle of her drüvask boar Bristle, using her True Ice flail to freeze and shatter her enemies.