League of Legends – Champion: Vi

Updated: 08.01.2020 00:01, Patch 9.24.2

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Vi Jungle


1. W
2. E
3. Q
4. Q
5. Q
6. R
7. Q
8. E
9. Q
10. E
11. R
12. E
13. E
14. W
15. W
16. R
17. W
18. W


Enchantment: WarriorNinja TabiTrinity ForceSterak's GageGuardian AngelDead Man's Plate

Start Items

Hunter's MacheteRefillable Potion


DominationElectrocuteSudden ImpactEyeball CollectionRelentless HunterPrecisionTriumphCoup de GraceAttack SpeedMagic ResistanceArmor

Summoner Spells



  • 52.14%

    Win Rate

  • 2.72%

    Play Rate

  • 0.05%

    Ban Rate


Tips when you play against Vi:

  • A fully charged Vault breaker deals double damage. If you see Vi start to charge you should back off or try to dodge it.
  • Vi will shred your Armor and gain Attack Speed if she manages to hit you three times in a row. Try not to engage in extended brawls with her.
  • Vi cannot be stopped while using her ult. Remember to save your displacement effects until after she’s done charging.

Tips when playing Vi:

  • A fully charged Vault Breaker will deal double damage. It’s great for catching and finishing off fleeing enemies.
  • Excessive Force does full damage to anyone caught in the shockwave. Use it on minions in lane to hit enemies hiding behind them.
  • Assault and Battery is a powerful initiation tool, just remember not to get too far ahead of the rest of your team.

The story of Vi:

Once a criminal from the mean streets of Zaun, Vi is a hotheaded, impulsive, and fearsome woman with only a very loose respect for authority figures. Growing up all but alone, Vi developed finely honed survival instincts as well as a wickedly abrasive sense of humor. Now working with the Wardens of Piltover to keep the peace, she wields mighty hextech gauntlets that can punch through walls and suspects with equal ease.