Errors in the LOL shop and free skins cause trouble in the community

In the League of Legends client, the new Blood Moon Capsules and Prestige Points were available for a short time for only 1 BE. Riot’s handling of the error annoys the Reddit community because some players have capitalized on the situation and are allowed to keep the capsules and their contents.

The new Blood Moon capsules and the Prestige points introduced by Riot as the new currency for the Prestige skins on Thursday caused a flaw in the client: both the capsules and the points were each a Blue Essence available per piece.

Of course, Riot had not intended to offer the two articles as well as free. From 100 Prestige points you can craft a Prestige skin, the Blood Moon capsules are even more rewarding: They contain at least one epic skin shard per capsule and two other random skin shards. Even essences, Gemstones or permanent Mythic skins can be in the capsules with which fast players could stock up yesterday.

Riot’s Reaction: The publisher removes the Prestige Points and Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Skins they purchased with Blue Essence. The capsules and their contents may, however, be retained by the players who purchased them with Blue Essence.

This causes some trouble in the community: many players on Reddit and Twitter got upset that other players who took advantage of the bug get a lot of skin shards and gemstones, while players who are not in the shop at the time traveling, still have to pay Riot Points. What do you think of the situation? How should Riot handle it?